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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Weekend Musings on Internet Advertising

I have been practicing law since June 2000. Ever since I started my law firm 3 years ago, I have had the fortune of meeting many wonderful contacts who have helped me greatly. Whenever people discover that I own my own law firm, they naturally tend to ask me - "How do you get your business?"

I would estimate that approximately 70% of my clients are referrals from past clients. That is sincerely the biggest secret of being in practice. NEVER disappoint your clients. I have had over 800 clients, and though some of them are difficult, while others are outrightly insane and vindictive, I have generally had great luck wtih my clients. I think my biggest secret is my ability to connect with clients. I am blessed in that way. I am very happy with their ratings, and often update my website with their appreciative emails and remarks, and pictures they send me of their clients. Happy clients are still the best source of referrals.

Then there is about 5% of my business which comes from just being at the right place, at the right time. I get a lot of referrals from being very active in the community, and knowing a lot of people. In addition, I have actually gotten clients from being in court. They will walk up to me and ask for my card after I have successfully argued and won a case. (Thank God for Advanced Trial Advocacy classes in law school!)

The remaining 25% of my business comes from the blind internet referrals. Admittedly, I receive 100's of hits on my website daily. However, of these, very few are promising. There are several people out there that wish to receive free legal advice. Although I would love to help everyone who calls me, there is only a limited amount of time in one day. That is why lawyers charge consultation fees. They would otherwise be out of business!

I find it amusing that people think that my advertising on the net is the reason for my busy practice. There have actually been articles written about my many YouTube videos, television appearances, etc. Here's one called "Kelly Chang, Esq.: Online Marketing Genius". Here's another one: "Do Lawyers Leverage YouTube? Kelly Chang Does, But You Probably Don't.". And here is one I just found right now - called "Not your grandchildren's YouTube:
Lawyers tap into marketing potential of online video"

I do have several videos online - you can view them here:
Here are some straight-forward, strictly marketing videos.

Then, here are some other videos that went up on the internet AFTER I made guest appearances on the news, etc.

Here is a clip for when I was a regular at Legal Grind, a wonderful coffeeshop located in Santa Monica and Inglewood, which offered "Coffee and Counsel". Unfortunately, since my schedule has become superbusy, I have not had the time to volunteer there.

Here are two videos for when the Britney Spears custody case, for TV Guide

Though I have had the fortune of being quoted by MTV, and other quality magazines, as a result of the popularity of my website, I still have to say, "word of mouth" is still the best way to generate real business. In conclusion, I must say that my YouTube videos and media appearances basically serve no purpose but shameless self-promotion. It's a lot of fun though, to be net-savvy!

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