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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Christie Brinkley Takes Her Divorce Public

The All-American cover girl is going through her fourth (4th) divorce. (She was previously married to artist Jean-François Allaux [1973–1981]; musician Billy Joel [1985–1994]; and developer Richard Taubman [1994–1995]).

I was called into TV Guide station today to discuss her latest tactics with the cast of Hollywood 411. Apparently, her estranged husband Peter Cook has an affair with his teeange assistant Diane Bianchi (age 18), and paid her $300,000 to keep quiet. According to him, he kept quiet due to his kids.

Christie Brinkley will have none of that, and is determined to take this divorce public. She has subpoena'ed the young assistant to testify in court.


Please tune in to "Hollywood 411", on the TV Guide Channel tonight, 9 PST to see my commentary.

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