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Monday, June 23, 2008

SuperLawyers, Myspace, Reality TV Shows

Recently, I was named a Rising Star Family Law Attorney by SuperLawyers and Los Angeles Magazine.

They had a section called, "Ask the Stars", and they asked me this question:
"How can my online profile be used against me in court?"

Here it is, my blurb:

"Kelly Chang Rickert of Law Offices of Kelly Chang in Los Angeles responds …
In court, all is fair in love and war. Therefore, if counsel can properly establish foundation and other admissibility hurdles for evidence, then anything, including personal or professional networking sites, blogs, etc., is fair game. In a case in which I represented a famous film star, she claimed she wasn’t working lately. However, on her Web site’s blog, she wrote that she was in Florida doing photo shoots. Opposing counsel printed that information and used it to destroy her credibility. NEEDLESS TO SAY, We never made it to court - WE SETTLED. Having a heavily trafficked site has its pros and cons. The pros are that you are easily recognized in the community. The con, in this case, at least, is that all users are privy to knowing things about you that can be damaging in court. Average Joes should take heed, too. If you are involved in a lawsuit, be extremely careful about what is out in the public domain. You can always get away with things if no one finds it. However, if a piece of damaging evidence—be it an Internet photo, a blog post or even a malicious e-mail—finds itself in the hands of opposing counsel, you will most definitely be shooting yourself in the foot."

With the advent of the internet, it is entirely possible to spy on people via Google. I would recommend that during a divorce, if you have damaging information on the internet, you refrain from posting any personal information on networking sites such as Friendster, YouTube, MySpce, or Facebook. Otherwise harmless information has an interesting knack of surfacing and becoming damaging during a divorce. Just be careful of what you post. Also, if you are planning on starring in a reality TV show, you should also be careful.

That being said, recently, "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader's" producers contacted me with this request: FRIENDLY DIVORCED COUPLES: We are searching for couples that are recently divorced (at least 6 months). The couples must have split on good terms and now have a friendly relationship. The couples cannot have had any children together! We want couples that can banter back and forth in a good-natured way and are competitive with each other!

If you fit into this category, and are interested, please contact kristincastingshows@yahoo.com with the following details: NAME, AGE, CITY, and submitRECENT PICTURE & CONTACT info.

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