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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Casting Call for Modern Marriage

Now casting for a pilot presentation seen by network executives… this is a modern twist on the Newlywed Game! We are searching for trios (husband, wife and ex-wife) who are ready to win cash! This new game show pilot is looking at modern love in the 21st Century. In the style of The Newlywed Game, this lighthearted game show will partner a husband with his current wife and his ex-wife. They'll work together and face-off against another unlikely threesome for the chance to win!

***chosen participants will receive $400 with a chance at winning more***For more information please email bethany@kasstinginc.com


katy sheehan said...

If this is a real casting call its pretty funny. If its not, its also pretty funny. I would love to see that show!

itlegal said...

Hi. Its brilliant to see what is happening across the water. Whether they would do something like this in the UK, I have absolutely no idea. We would definitely cover it at www.familylawliverpool.co.uk

Jeromey said...

Great blog! Check out my Houston Divorce Lawyer site!

Elison Duncan said...

Modern Marriage like expenses, simple to save money. There are one of the criteria to modern marriage not mix a casting. To real and fact marriage.

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