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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

This Is Terrible News, Sandra!

Two family lawyers tell HollywoodLife.com that if Jesse James is really vindictive, he DOES have the right to keep Sandra Bullock away from his children!

We have some horrible news for Sandra Bullock. In addition to dealing with an imminent divorce from cheating husband Jesse James, experts tell us that Jesse CAN ban Sandra from seeing his children!

“She doesn’t have a right to see those kids. They are not her kids, and there is no such thing as custodial right for a stepparent,” LA-based family lawyer Kelly Chang-Rickert tells HollywoodLife.com. “The law is California prefers biological parents. Jesse has the whole say.”
So unfair! Jesse, 41, is the loser here, after cheating on his Oscar-winning wife with a reported 15 mistresses. But it will be Sandra, 45, who will lose out on seeing his kids, Sunny, 6, Chandler, 15, and Jesse Jr., 12.

A second family lawyer, Michael G. Dave of Marcus, Watanabe, Snyder & Dave, LLP, agrees with Chang. “Sandra doesn’t have much access to rights. She didn’t adopt the children. She’s Jesse’s wife who wants to divorce him. She’s got a long uphill battle to assert any rights to see the children.”

Dave adds, “I don’t think Sandra has much rights to assert if Jesse doesn’t want her with the children. He is the custodial parent. He has full rights. I think she has a zero percent chance of [getting custody] in a family law setting. Once Jesse slams the hammer down in turns of allowing the children from seeing Sandra, she doesn’t have much of a case.”
But Sandra, who was married to Jesse for five years, was practically like a second mother to his kids. Shouldn’t she have SOME rights?

“Legally she might not be allowed, but Sandy SHOULD be allowed to see the kids,” Dave tells us, adding, “If he really wants to be a good parent and if he truly has the best interest of his children, then he’d want to encourage it.”

But then, we all know what a dirtbag Jesse James is (one who was caught not wearing his wedding ring April 26, by the way). Who can predict what he’ll find the best interest of his children to be?
– Laura Schreffler


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