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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Janeane Garofalo Didn't Know She Was Married for Twenty Years!!!

From ABCnews.com...
Alcohol-fueled nuptials in Las Vegas aren’t typically known for their longevity, but comedienne Janeane Garofalo is bucking the trend, announcing she had been unknowingly, legally married for 20 years.
Speaking at a New York Comedy Festival reunion for “The Ben Stiller Show,” the 48-year-old explained that she married writer Rob Cohen as a joke in Las Vegas in the 1990s, and didn’t realize the marriage was official, the New York Post reports.
“Rob and I got married, for real, which we had to have a notary dissolve not 30 minutes before we got here tonight,” Garofalo said. “We were married for 20 years until this evening,” she told the audience.
Cohen later went on to produce hit sitcom “The Big Bang Theory.”
“We got married drunk in Vegas.  … We dated for a year, and we got married at a drive-through chapel in a cab. [We thought] you have to go down to the courthouse and sign papers and stuff, so who knew? We were married, and apparently now that [Rob] is getting married for real, his lawyer dug up something,” Garofalo said.
The couple got a quick divorce Saturday in New York, with the split notarized at a midtown bank.
If it can happen to her, it can happen to you!  Before you marry, make sure you are certain that you aren't still married, and the person you are married isn't still married.
A quickie marriage performed drunk can be totally legit.  If you are married, you need to get divorced before you remarry.  
Eternal separation does not make you divorced.  A Divorce Judgment (and a Notice of Entry of Judgment) does.
IF you get married to someone who is already married, your marriage is NOT legal.  It WILL be annulled.
Due diligence, people!  It's marriage.


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Unknown said...

That's amazing that she would not know about that! I guess that was one truly crazy wedding reception or after party. To be honest I like Garofalo's work a lot but she has out of the spotlight for such a long time that maybe this is just a publicity stunt to try to bring her into the spotlight. Still, glad to hear that she got it figured it out.

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