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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

This Divorce Lawyer's Biggest Pet Peeve in Contentious Custody Cases

Divorce And Custody Attorney Kelly Chang Rickert Discusses Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller's Custody Battle from Kelly Chang Rickert on Vimeo.

My Biggest Pet Peeve in Contentious Custody Cases

In every one of my custody agreements, I have a version of the below clause:

"Disparagement: Mother and Father shall encourage the children to love, respect and honor the other parent and the other parent's family and neither of them shall alienate or attempt to alienate or diminish the affections of the children from the other parent, or disparage or allow others to disparage the other parent in the presence of the children. Both parents shall promote a healthy and ongoing relationship between the children and both of their extended families. The children shall not be involved in or exposed to any animosities that may exist between the parents, or involving their respective families, friends or other parents."

I have been litigation custody cases for over 14 years.  There are several things I detest, but the biggest pet peeve I have is when parties disparage each other.  I CANNOT STAND IT.

I understand that your ex, your baby mama, or your baby daddy has faults.  I understand he/she is the reason for your misery, and he/she is doing everything in the world to screw up your children.

I have heard it all.  He doesn't bathe/wash/feed my children.  She doesn't discipline/encourage/watch their diets.  He doesn't dress them warmly.  She overdresses them.  He is negligent. She is smothering.  He is an idiot.  She is a b**ch.  He/she is a poor excuse for a human being.

He/She is always going to be the father/mother of your child/children.  You can't change that.

When you disparage the other parent in front of the children, you are murdering them inside.  You are telling these precious children that they are worthless.  That it's THEIR fault.


I am repeatedly quoted in the media telling the audience that there is NOTHING that Judges hate more than disparagement of the other side.  That in order to prevail in a custody case, you have to be the parent that is MORE willing to co-parent  - the reasonable, loving one.

If you choose to listen to ONE piece of advice from a custody lawyer choose THIS one: DO NOT BASH the other parent.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Kim Kardashian's Never-Ending Divorce and Why Kris Humphries Wants an Annulment

Why is it that a 72-marriage results in an almost 2-year divorce???  I have no idea.  People do strange things.  And it's really not too difficult to drag on a divorce.
Why does Kris Humphries want an annulment?  Well, as a legal expert, I speculated that it was to protect his reputation.  Whereas a divorce gives you a label as a "divorce", an annulment grants you the pristine title of "never-married man".

So why doesn't EVERYONE request an annulment instead of a divorce?  Because it's hard to get one!

In Kris' Humphries' case, he is requesting an annulment on the grounds of "fraud".  This is one of the most difficult things to prove in court.

Below are two old blog entries I wrote - "What is an annulment and how do I get one?"
And "Annulments Based on Fraud".


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Prenups: THE To-Do Before I Do

Spring is in the air!!!  Allergies and prenups abound.  I was recently interviewed by Aisle Magazine, a digital wedding magazine which celebrated its launch this week in San Francisco about premarital agreements.   (Congrats, Aisle!)

To see the rest of my interview, you can download the iPad app here

Don't RUSH a prenup.  Frequently, I receive phone calls from clients wanting prenuptial agreements.   It usually goes like this.  "My fiance just gave me a prenup, and I want changes.  Today is Monday and our wedding is on Saturday.  Help me".

Me:  "It's too late!  Sorry!"  

End of phone call.  

California Family Code section 1615 (c)(2) clearly states that "It shall be deemed that a premarital agreement was not executed voluntarily unless the court finds in writing or on the record all of the following: THE PARTY AGAINST WHOM ENFORCEMENT IS SOUGHT HAD NOT LESS THAN SEVEN (7) CALENDAR DAYS BETWEEN TIME THE PARTY WAS FIRST PRESENTED WITH THE AGREEMENT AND ADVISED TO SEEK INDEPENDENT LEGAL COUNSEL AND THE TIME THE AGREEMENT WAS SIGNED.

Obviously, this can be interpreted in several ways. I tend to be very protective of my clients, so my policy is that the FINAL AGREEMENT must be presented and accepted as final by all parties, then a waiting period of 7 days, AND THEN signatures. The signature may even occur on the date of the wedding, but to be safe, I recommend one week. This means, you should leave yourself AT LEAST two (2) weeks prior to the wedding to have a finalized agreement.

THIS MEANS you need to hire an attorney AT LEAST 4 -6 weeks prior to your wedding, so the planning, drafting, and negotiating can take place.

If you are planning a wedding, you need to make your premarital agreement part of the process. It is THE TO-DO on your list of to-do's.

The client was not happy with me.  I also told her that the good news is - the prenup is NO good.  Beware of attorneys out there who will draft a prenup 5 days prior to the wedding. You may as well do it yourself on a piece of toilet paper, and then flush it.

If you want to learn more about premarital agreements, please read my highly-informative article, Premarital Agreement – Frequently Asked Questions.  (attached here!)


Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

Should you get a prenup?  The answer in most cases is yes.  A prenuptial agreement is similar to car insurance.  No one anticipates an accident or a divorce.  We certainly don’t like thinking or talking about it.  But, it happens, and it’s important to be prepared.  I have prepared a list of frequently asked questions, collected from my clients.  They should help you understand the very basics of premarital agreements.  Please note that I practice in California, and if you have state-specific questions, you should contact a competent attorney in your state.

1.                 I am getting married. I want to explore the possibility of getting a prenup, but I don't want to insult my future spouse. How should I go about this topic?
It is tough to rid the stigma of a "pre-nup". You hear in rap songs. Donald Trump never marries without one. It signifies a certain je-ne-sais-quoi that most people shun. However, in this century, I advise my clients of the following: Prenups are like car and life insurance. No one likes to think about sudden or accidental death. But it happens, just like divorce. Prenups are similar to insurance. Though it may not protect you from all problems - however, if properly drafted, it will certainly limit them.

In addition, you should inform your future spouse that prenups which "promote" divorce are unenforceable. You should speak with competent counsel for information on what "promotes" divorce.

Finally, marriage is a legal union of two people. The characterization and distribution of assets and debts are indispensable parts of this beautiful legal equation. That's something worth discussing, and finalizing on paper, isn't it?

2.                 What is the point of having a prenuptial agreement?
This is a fairly complicated question, but I will try to simplify it with my three P's:
Protection of property. This includes waiving community property rights, including real property, businesses, intellectual property, and retirement plans.
Providing of (or not) spousal support. You can opt to waive spousal support (alimony).
Preservation of separate property and debt. Making sure what was yours is always yours. Making sure what he/she owes is always his/her debt.

3.                 What can go into the prenup?
A lot of things. Under the Family Code, you can include the following:

(1) The rights and obligations of each of the parties in any of the property of either or both of them whenever and wherever acquired or located;
(2) The right to buy, sell, use, transfer, exchange, abandon, lease, consume, expend, assign, create a security interest in, mortgage, encumber, dispose of, or otherwise manage and control property;
(3) The disposition of property upon separation, marital dissolution, death, or the occurrence or nonoccurrence of any other event;
(4) The making of a will, trust, or other arrangement to carry out the provisions of the agreement;
(5) The ownership rights in and disposition of the death benefit from a life insurance policy;
(6) The choice of law governing the construction of the agreement;
(7) Any other matter, including their personal rights and obligations, not in violation of public policy or a statute imposing a criminal penalty.

4.                 What can't go into the prenup?
Limitations on child support. Custody. Religion. Promotion of Divorce. Damages for cheating.
Technically, you can put these provisions in the prenup. But they are unenforceable, so what is the point?

5.                 Is there a deadline for entering into a prenup?
Yes. There is a seven (7) calendar day rule. Ask your attorney.

6.                 What is a post-nup?
Just like it sounds, a post-nup is an agreement entered into after the marriage has happened.

7.                 Why would I get a post-nup?
Same reasons. The three (3) P's above. The difference between a pre-nup and a post-nup is a marriage in between. This is significant because marriage imposes strict fiduciary requirements on spouses. As such, post-nups will be more carefully scrutinized and easily challenged then pre-nups. It is of utmost importance that you hire an attorney to prepare a post-nup for you.

8.                 I am interested in learning more about the law, and I don't want to pay a lawyer. Where can I be educated?
I recommend reading Family Code sections 1600 et seq., also known as the Uniform Premarital Agreement Act. I find it very interesting.  I also recommend a book written by attorney Arlene J. Dubin entitled, “Prenups for Lovers”.

9.                 Do we need lawyers to do a prenup?
Yes, and make sure they are competent lawyers. Remember the first rule: You get what you pay for. Also, please note that if you are including provisions waiving spousal support, you will need to have counsel. Ask your lawyer.

10.              Ok. I guess I'll get a prenup. How much do you charge?
$10,000.  Wait, that is my standard retainer for a divorce case.  For prenups, my office currently charges between $2,500- $5,000, and that depends on your situation.

Kelly Chang Rickert founded the Law Offices of Kelly Chang, A Professional Law Corporation. (www.purposedrivenlawyers.com). Her firm specializes in Divorce and Family Law, and handles all areas of Divorce, Annulment, Spousal Support, Child Support; Modification, Child Custody and Visitation, Prenuptial and Postnuptial greements, Adoptions, Property Division; Restraining Orders; and Family Law Mediation.  She is happily married to the love of her life, and has a premarital agreement.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

From Huffington Post: Symptoms of Divorce

The Symptoms Of Divorce

By Benjamin Berkley, Es.
"You know the honeymoon is pretty much over when you start to go out with the boys on Wednesday nights, and so does she."
Once a year I see my doctor for an annual physical. Fortunately, the examination has always been routine because I have not had any medical problems. Regardless, my doctor always asks me a series of questions, such as do I have any chest discomfort or difficulty breathing, any digestion problems, have I gained or lost any weight, or do I have any difficulty with urination. Since I turned 50, the number of questions has increased. But regardless, a doctor is a diagnostician and he is looking for any symptoms that might lead to a diagnosis of a medical condition.
Of course, your doctor is often dependent upon you to tell him of any concerns that you may have. He will have a difficult time discovering an issue on his own without some clues from you.
Likewise, unless you are General Patreus and running the CIA, in a typical marriage, no one knows you better than your spouse. Of course we each have our own individuality. But a wife knows her husband's favorite sweatshirt that he won't throw out no matter what just like a husband knows her favorite restaurant.
Likewise, when a spouse begins to act differently than his normal pattern of behavior, this may be the beginning of very subtle symptoms of a problem. And like the common cold, the sneezing and runny nose may go away after a few days. But a symptom that persists and is left untreated rarely correct itself. To illustrate, a spouse who was always there to pick the kids up after soccer practice on his way home but is now working late every evening is sending a warning sign of a problem. This symptom, if left untreated, could spell problems for the marriage.
In conducting interviews with clients, I have listened to the "symptoms" often given for why one spouse wanted to leave the marriage. The following were the most common:
  • "We were spending less and less time together."
  • "My life felt unfulfilled, there was so much more I wanted to do."
  • "I was feeling depressed or uptight when going home, or not looking forward to going home."
  • "We were having less fun when we were together, and time together has become more serious."
  • "He was very bossy and always had to be right."
  • "My opinion meant nothing!"
  • "He had a drinking problem before we married which only got worse."
  • "He paid attention to everyone but me."
  • "As the years passed, it was evident that we wanted different things and had different needs so we grew further apart."
  • "She became emotionally and sexually involved with someone else."
  • "She was spending more money on "frivolous" unnecessary things and not caring to save for the future."
  • "His worked consumed him and there was no time left for me."
  • "Our marriage was never the same after we had kids."
  • "When we were arguing, we were verbally attacking each other rather than really listening to each other."
  • "I felt put down or taken for granted, or I was doing that to my spouse."
  • "There were increased periods of silence between me and my spouse."
  • "I had less and less sexual desire."
  • "We never seemed to have the money to do things we needed to do."
  • "I was making judgments alone or misreading what my spouse wanted to do."
  • "I was losing my own identity as an individual"
  • "I became confused about where we were going and often talked about 'I' not 'We.'"
When questioned further, many clients were able to offer specific signs or symptoms that something was different or changing in their relationship. Too often, when these symptoms are not addressed or left untreated, they result in irreparable harm to the marriage. As a result, divorce often becomes the only solution. But had these symptoms been recognized earlier, and treated, a marriage may have been saved.
If you or your spouse have any of the above symptoms, it is wise to seek treatment now.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kansas Forces Sperm Donor to Pay Child Support

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) — A Kansas man who donated sperm to a lesbian couple after answering an online ad is fighting the state's efforts to suddenly force him to pay child support for the now 3-year-old girl, arguing that he and the women signed an agreement waiving all of his parental rights.

The case hinges on the fact that no doctors were used for the artificial insemination. The state argues that because William Marotta didn't work through a clinic or doctor, as required by state law, he can be held responsible for about $6,000 that the child's biological mother received through public assistance — as well as future child support.

At least 10 other states have similar requirements in their laws, including California, Illinois and Missouri, the Kansas Department of Children and Families argued in a prepared court documents it gave to The Associated Press late Wednesday.

Department spokeswoman Angela de Rocha said that when a single mother seeks benefits for a child, it's routine for the department to try to determine the child's paternity and require the father to make support payments to lessen the potential cost to taxpayers.

Marotta, a 46-year-old Topeka resident, answered an ad on Craigslist in 2009 from a local couple, Angela Bauer and Jennifer Schreiner, who said they were seeking a sperm donor. After exchanging emails and meeting, the three signed an agreement relieving Marotta of any financial or paternal responsibility.

But the Kansas Department for Children and Families argues the agreement isn't valid, because instead of working with a doctor, Marotta agreed to drop off containers with his sperm at the couple's home, according to documents faxed to the Shawnee County District Court late Wednesday and provided to the AP.

The women handled the artificial insemination themselves using a syringe, and Schreiner eventually became pregnant, according to the documents.

Late last year, after she and Bauer broke up, Schreiner received public assistance from the state to help care for the girl.

"My ex-partner and I wanted to have a baby," Schreiner said in a written statement to the department in January 2012, also included in the department's latest filing. "We were a gay couple so we had a sperm donor."

In October, the department filed a court petition against Marotta, asking that he be required to reimburse the state for the benefits and make future child support payments. Marotta is asking that the case be dismissed, arguing that he's not legally the child's father, only a sperm donor. A hearing is set for Tuesday.

Marotta told The Topeka-Capital Journal that he is "a little scared about where this is going to go, primarily for financial reasons."

His attorney didn't immediately return a phone message Wednesday from The Associated Press, and there was no listing for his home phone number in Topeka. Listings for Schreiner and Bauer were either incorrect or out of service, and Schreiner did not respond to a message sent by Facebook.

The agreement signed by Marotta, Schreiner and Bauer in March 2009, said the women "hold him harmless" financially. The agreement also said the child's birth certificate would not list a father.
Under a 1994 Kansas law, a sperm donor isn't considered the father only when a donor provides sperm to a licensed physician for artificial insemination of a woman who isn't the donor's wife. The result is an incentive for donors and prospective mothers to work with a doctor, de Rocha said.

"I believe that is the intent of the law, so that we don't end up with these ambiguous situations," she told the AP.

Also, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled in October 2007 that a sperm donor who works through a licensed physician can't legally be considered a child's father — and doesn't have the right to visit the child or have a role in its upbringing — absent a formal, written agreement. But the case involved a sperm donor who was seeking access to a child but had only an informal, unwritten agreement with the child's mother.

Linda Elrod, a law professor and director of Washburn University's Children and Family Law program, said the law seems clear: Sperm donors who don't want to be held liable for child support need to work with a doctor.

"Other than that, the general rule is strict liability for sperm," said Elrod, who filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the Supreme Court case.

To read more about California's law on sperm donation, please read my blog entry on Sperm Donation and the Law.

New Year, New Laws in California 2013

New California laws for 2013 are now in effect.  Here's the full list of 800+ new laws in California for 2013 that you won't find anywhere else.

See for yourself what is legal and illegal in 2013 while examining the very long list new California laws signed by Governor Jerry Brown.

The following 800+ new California laws, organized by AB and SB numbers, are now in effect unless specified otherwise. 

List of New California Laws 2013

Assembly Bills Signed Into Law 
  • AB 16 - High-Speed Rail Authority.  Sets a policy for the High-Speed Rail Authority to encourage purchasing high-speed train rolling stock and equipment manufactured in California consistent with federal and state law and continued investment in California businesses.
  • AB 40 - Elder and dependent adult abuse, reporting.
  • AB 41 - High-Speed Rail Authority, conflicts of interest, disqualification.
  • AB 45 - Charter-party carriers of passengers, alcoholic beverages, open containers.  Requires that bus and limousine drivers be held responsible for telling all underage passengers that drinking alcohol is illegal. If alcohol is being transported in a bus or limousine with underage passengers on board, a person at least 25 years old must be on board to guarantee there is no underage consumption.
  • AB 53 - Insurers, procurement contracts, minority/women/disabled veteran business enterprises.  Requires major California Insurance industry insurers to encourage greater economic opportunities for women, minority, and disabled-veteran business enterprises by reporting data to the Insurance Commissioner.
  • AB 57 - Metropolitan Transportation Commission.
  • AB 102 - Budget.  Contains necessary statutory changes to achieve savings assumed in the 2011 Budget Act for the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), Department of Mental Health (DMH), Department of Public Health (DPH), and the Managed Risk Medical Insurance Board (MRMIB).
  • AB 103 - Budget.  State cash resources.
  • AB 106 - Budget.  Makes statutory changes necessary to implement human services-related portions of the 2011 Budget Act.
  • AB 112 - Budget.  Contains necessary statutory and technical changes in the area of state government in order to enact modifications to the 2010 Budget Act.
  • AB 119 - Budget.  Contains necessary statutory and technical changes to implement changes to the 2011 Budget Act. 
  • AB 137 - Health care coverage, mammographies.
  • AB 146 - State Air Resources Board, membership.
  • AB 174 - Office of Systems Integration, California Health and Human Services Automation Fund.
  • AB 178 - State teachers' retirement.
  • AB 197 - Public employees' retirement.
  • AB 216 - Voters, residency confirmation.
  • AB 232 - Community Development Block Grant Program, funds.
  • AB 233 - Personal income taxes, voluntary contributions, California YMCA Youth and Government Fund.
  • AB 252 - Alcoholic beverage control, licensees.
  • AB 276 - Central Coast Hospital Authority.
  • AB 278 - California Homeowner Bill of Rights.  Halts the "abusive tactics" of loan servicers and protects struggling homeowners who are trying, in good faith, to renegotiate their mortgages.
  • AB 296 - Department of Transportation, paving materials.
  • AB 317 - Mobile homes.
  • AB 318 - Franchise Tax Board, administration, penalties, legal holiday.
  • AB 324 - Juvenile offenders, recall of commitment.
  • AB 340 - Pension Reform Law.  Requires current state employees and all new public employees to pay for at least 50 percent of their pensions and establishes this as the norm for all public workers in California.  Eliminates state-imposed barriers that have prevented local governments from increasing employee contributions.  Bans abusive practices used to enhance pension payouts. 
  • AB 342 - Office of Planning and Research.  Designates the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) to serve as the state liaison with the United States Department of Defense.
  • AB 367 - Board of Behavioral Sciences, reporting.
  • AB 374 - Funeral directors and embalmers.
  • AB 377 - Pharmacy.
  • AB 389 - Bleeding disorders.
  • AB 391 - Secondhand dealers and pawnbrokers, electronic reporting. 
  • AB 401 - School safety.  Carl Washington School Safety and Violence Prevention Act.
  • AB 432 - Transit, Sacramento County.
  • AB 439 - Health care information.
  • AB 441 - Transportation planning.
  • AB 472 - Controlled substances, overdose, punishment.
  • AB 480 - Insurance, solid waste facilities.
  • AB 481 - Political Reform Act of 1974, campaign disclosure.
  • AB 482 - Ventura Port District, dredging contracts.
  • AB 491 - General acute care hospitals, cardiac catheterization.
  • AB 492 - Public transportation agencies, administrative penalties.
  • AB 510 - Radiation control, health facilities and clinics, records.
  • AB 511 - Aeronautics, meteorological towers.
  • AB 517 - Ratifies the compact for the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria.
  • AB 523 - Ethanol, Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program.
  • AB 526 - Delinquency and gang intervention and prevention grants, evidence-based principles and practices.
  • AB 549 - Recycling, electronic waste.
  • AB 573 - Alcoholic beverages, tied-house restrictions.
  • AB 578 - Public utilities, natural gas pipelines, safety.
  • AB 589 - Medical school scholarships.
  • AB 593 - Domestic violence, battering, recall and resentencing.
  • AB 610 - Vehicles, specialized license plates, Veterinary Medical Board.
  • AB 633 - California State University, acquisition or replacement of motor vehicles.
  • AB 644 - Schools, average daily attendance, online instruction.
  • AB 685 - State water policy.
  • AB 733 - Pupil records, privacy rights.
  • AB 737 - Boating and Waterways, Harbors and Watercraft Commission.
  • AB 744 - Intellectual Property.
  • AB 761 - Optometrists.
  • AB 787 - Tribal-state gaming compacts.
  • AB 792 - Health care coverage, California Health Benefit Exchange.
  • AB 794 - Local education facility bonds, anticipation notes.
  • AB 801 - Illegal dumping enforcement officers and code enforcement officers.
  • AB 805 - Common interest developments.
  • AB 806 - Common interest developments.
  • AB 812 - Solid waste, recycled asphalt.
  • AB 819 - Bikeways.
  • AB 837 - Solid waste, plastic products.
  • AB 838 - Charter-party carriers of passengers, reports.
  • AB 843 - State Board of Equalization, non-monetized bullion and numismatic coins, adjustment date.
  • AB 845 - Solid waste, place of origin.
  • AB 861 - Public Utilities Act, remedies for violation, gas and electrical corporation executive officer compensation incentives.
  • AB 880 - Ecological reserves, Mirage Trail.
  • AB 890 - Environment, CEQA exemption, roadway improvement.
  • AB 907 - Processors of farm products.
  • AB 929 - Debtor exemptions, bankruptcy.
  • AB 969 - Medi-Cal, clinical laboratory and laboratory services.
  • AB 970 - University of California and California State University, system-wide student fees.
  • AB 999 - Long-term care insurance.
  • AB 1019 - State government.
  • AB 1047 - Vehicles, motorcycle safety.
  • AB 1073 - Energy, solar thermal power plants, conversion to solar photovoltaic technology.
  • AB 1083 - Health care coverage.
  • AB 1126 - Transaction and use tax, rate.
  • AB 1162 - Wildlife, poaching.
  • AB 1165 - Domestic violence, probation, terms.
  • AB 1181 - Weights and measures.
  • AB 1199 - School bonds, citizens' oversight committee.
  • AB 1200 - Elections, central committees.
  • AB 1203 - Public school employee organizations, unelected members, paid leaves of absence.
  • AB 1217 - Surrogacy agreements.
  • AB 1224 - Veterans, veterans' farm and home purchases.  Authorizes the Department of Veterans Affairs to adopt implementing regulations necessary to allow financing of cooperative dwelling units.
  • AB 1225 - Cemeteries, veteran's commemorative property.
  • AB 1246 - Instructional materials.
  • AB 1248 - Local public employees' retirement, City of San Diego.
  • AB 1253 - Counties, recommended budget.
  • AB 1266 - Vehicles, recreational off-highway vehicles.
  • AB 1277 - Sherman Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Law.
  • AB 1301 - Retail tobacco sales, STAKE Act.
  • AB 1320 - Alcoholic beverages, licenses.
  • AB 1325 - Business filings, fictitious business name statements.
  • AB 1337 - Parent and child relationship.
  • AB 1345 - Local government, audits.
  • AB 1354 - Civil procedure, discovery, objections.
  • AB 1359 - Public social services, CalFresh.
  • AB 1404 - Vehicles, additional registration fees, vehicle-theft crimes.
  • AB 1406 - Dissolution of marriage, proceedings.
  • AB 1413 - Elections.
  • AB 1422 - Safe, Clean, and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2012, submission to voters.
  • AB 1427 - Food facilities, sanitization.
  • AB 1432 - Crimes.
  • AB 1434 - Child abuse reporting, mandated reporters.
  • AB 1435 - Child abuse reporting, athletic personnel.
  • AB 1436 - Allows same-day voter registration, giving Californians the right to vote with a provisional ballot if the conditional voter registration is deemed effective. Same-day registration will be permitted once the Secretary of State certifies California’s new statewide voter database, VoteCal.
  • AB 1442 - Pharmaceutical waste. 
  • AB 1443 - Home furnishings, inspections, reimbursement
  • AB 1445 - Jails, county inmate welfare funds.
  • AB 1446 - Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, transactions and use tax.
  • AB 1447 - Automobile sales finance, sellers.
  • AB 1451 - High school athletics, California High School Coaching Education and Training Program.
  • AB 1452 - Vehicles, child passenger restraints.  Adds a requirement to the existing Booster Seat Law that parents be notified about where, and at no cost, the child passenger restraint system can be inspected and proper installation instruction can be given.
  • AB 1453 - California Health Care Coverage Law.  Defines exactly what essential health benefits are provided at the state level, clarifying the broad language of the Obamacare federal health care law.  Law effective January 1,2014.  Read California Health Care Coverage Law for more.
  • AB 1456 - Gas corporations, safety performance metrics, rate incentive program.
  • AB 1458 - California Transportation Commission.
  • AB 1459 - The Atmospheric Acidity Protection Act of 1988.
  • AB 1460 - California Commission on Industrial Innovation.
  • AB 1464 - Budget.  2012-13 Budget.
  • AB 1465 - Budget.  Transportation.
  • AB 1467 - Budget.  Health.
  • AB 1468 - Health.
  • AB 1470 - Budget.  Mental health, State Department of State Hospitals.
  • AB 1471 - Human services.
  • AB 1472 - Budget.  Developmental services.
  • AB 1477 - Budget.  Budget Act of 2012.
  • AB 1478 - State Parks, finances.
  • AB 1481 - Public safety.
  • AB 1484 - Budget.  Community redevelopment.
  • AB 1485 - Budget.  Budget Act of 2011, augmentation.
  • AB 1486 - California Environmental Quality Act, exemption, Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System.
  • AB 1487 - State government, state funds.
  • AB 1488 - State Department of State Hospitals.
  • AB 1489 - Budget.  Public health, Medi-Cal, nursing facilities.
  • AB 1492 - California timber industry.  Protects thousands of jobs by eliminating regulatory fees on California companies, allowing extra time to harvest timber and preventing excessive civil liability for wildfires.
  • AB 1494 - Budget.  Healthy Families Program, Medi-Cal, program transition, expansion.
  • AB 1496 - Budget.  Criminal justice realignment.
  • AB 1497 - Budget.  Budget Act of 2012.
  • AB 1498 - Department of Technology, state contracts, information technology goods and services acquisition.
  • AB 1499 - Budget.  Elections, ballot order for statewide measures.
  • AB 1502 - Budget.  Budget Act of 2012, augmentation.
  • AB 1505 - Department of Veterans Affairs, veterans' benefits, reinstatement.  Reinstates state veterans benefits that were denied solely on the basis of sexual orientation when the federal government first reinstates those benefits.
  • AB 1508 - Junk dealers and recyclers, nonferrous materials.
  • AB 1509 - Political Reform Act of 1974, statement of economic interests.
  • AB 1511 - Real property, disclosures, transmission pipelines.
  • AB 1517 - Public contracts, information technology goods and services.
  • AB 1518 - Weighmasters, automated weighing systems.
  • AB 1519 - County employee retirement boards.
  • AB 1521 - Standardized Testing and Reporting Program, academic achievement, assessment instrument.  Allows English speaking pupils enrolled in a dual immersion program to take the primary language assessment.
  • AB 1522 - Family law, monetary awards.
  • AB 1524 - Commercial air carriers, hot air balloons.
  • AB 1525 - Elder or dependent adult financial abuse, money transmission agents, training materials.
  • AB 1526 - California Major Risk Medical Insurance Program.
  • AB 1527 - Firearms.  Long gun open carry ban.  Prohibits open carry of unloaded long guns, such as rifles and shotguns, in public places.
  • AB 1529 - Trial courts, restructuring and bail forfeiture.
  • AB 1531 - State claims.
  • AB 1532 - California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.
  • AB 1533 - Medicine, trainees, international medical graduates.
  • AB 1534 - Vehicles, dealers, used vehicle sales, labeling requirements.
  • AB 1536 - Vehicles, electronic wireless communications, prohibitions.  Allows drivers to dictate, send or listen to text-based communications while driving as long as they do so using technology designed and configured to allow fully voice-operated, hands-free operation.
  • AB 1540 - Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, invasive weeds, South American spongeplant.
  • AB 1548 - Practice of medicine, cosmetic surgery, employment of physicians and surgeons. 
  • AB 1550 - Vehicles, veterans' organizations license plates fees.  Increases the fees required to issue, renew, and personalize specialized veterans' license plates to fund veterans' organizations.
  • AB 1551 - Housing.
  • AB 1558 - Liability, flood control and water conservation facilities.
  • AB 1559 - Firearms.  Provides that, beginning January 1, 2014, the Department of Justice will only charge one fee for a single transaction on the same date and time for taking title or possession of any number of firearms. The new law also clarifies the process for issuance of permits for short-barreled rifles used in the motion picture industry.
  • AB 1565 - Public contracts, school districts, bidding requirements. 
  • AB 1566 - Aboveground storage tanks, enforcement.
  • AB 1567 - Firefighting equipment, firefighting endorsement.  
  • AB 1569 - Community mental health services, assisted outpatient treatment.
  • AB 1572 - Service authorities for freeway emergencies, San Diego County.
  • AB 1573 - School attendance, residency requirements, foster children. 
  • AB 1575 - Pupil fees.
  • AB 1578 - Indian Valley Watermaster District.
  • AB 1580 - Health care, eligibility, enrollment.
  • AB 1581 - Advertising, business location representations, floral businesses. 
  • AB 1583 - Bulk merchandise pallets.
  • AB 1585 - Community development. 
  • AB 1588 - Professions and vocations, reservist licensees, fees and continuing education. 
  • AB 1589 - State parks, sustainability and protection.
  • AB 1593 - Parole, intimate partner battering.
  • AB 1595 - Vehicles, recreational off-highway vehicles. 
  • AB 1598 - Public contracts, public works, installation. 
  • AB 1599 - Mortgages and deeds of trust, foreclosure.
  • AB 1600 - Metro Gold Line Foothill Extension Construction Authority. 
  • AB 1606 - Local public employee organizations, impasse procedures. 
  • AB 1612 - Administrative practices. 
  • AB 1614 - Fort Ord Reuse Authority. 
  • AB 1616 - Food safety, cottage food operations.  California Homemade Food Law.  Clears the way for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs to begin selling homemade food products to stores, restaurants and directly to the public.  Read California Homemade Food Law for more.
  • AB 1620 - Hazardous waste, contained gaseous material. 
  • AB 1621 - Physicians and surgeons, prostate cancer. 
  • AB 1623 - Weights and measures, inspection fees. 
  • AB 1624 - Multiple-party accounts. 
  • AB 1626 - Election materials, public examination, writ of mandate, elections official. 
  • AB 1631 - Arbitration, legal representation.
  • AB 1640 - CalWORKs benefits, pregnant mothers. 
  • AB 1642 - County recorder, recordation of documents. 
  • AB 1643 - Public officers, County of Sacramento.
  • AB 1647 - Solid waste, waste tires, enforcement. 
  • AB 1650 - Public utilities, emergency and disaster preparedness. 
  • AB 1652 - California American Portuguese Veterans Memorial. 
  • AB 1654 - Public employment, disqualification from employment. 
  • AB 1656 - San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority.
  • AB 1658 - Vehicles, specialized license plates.
  • AB 1660 - Representation of minors, permits.  Establishes a system to prevent registered sex offenders from representing minors who are performing or seeking to perform in the entertainment industry.  (Commences after the Legislature appropriates the necessary funding from fees that will be established under this bill and included in the 2013-2014 proposed budget.) 
  • AB 1662 - County boards of education, members.
  • AB 1663 - Pupil instruction, California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science.  Requests the Regents of the University of California to set a tuition fee for the California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science program.
  • AB 1665 - California Environmental Quality Act, exemption, railroad crossings.
  • AB 1668 - School accountability, academic performance, dropout recovery high schools.  Expands the current definition of a "dropout recovery high school" to help better identify the schools that enroll pupils who have not been enrolled for at least 180 days.
  • AB 1670 - Estates, administration.
  • AB 1672 - Housing-Related Parks Program.
  • AB 1674 - Child custody, visitation.
  • AB 1675 - Farm labor contractors, licenses, civil penalty.
  • AB 1677 - Corporation taxes, filing requirements, tax-exempt organizations.
  • AB 1679 - Landlord-tenant relations, security deposits. 
  • AB 1680 - Dissenting shareholders' rights. 
  • AB 1683 - Revocable trusts. 
  • AB 1694 - Gas pipeline safety inspections.
  • AB 1699 - Affordable housing.
  • AB 1700 - Property taxation, change in ownership, exclusion, cotenancy interests.
  • AB 1701 - Underground storage tanks, local agencies. 
  • AB 1705 - Pupil assessment, high school exit examination, eligible pupils with disabilities.
  • AB 1706 - Vehicles, transit bus weight.
  • AB 1707 - Child Abuse Central Index. 
  • AB 1708 - Allows California drivers to show proof of active vehicle insurance coverage using a mobile electronic device, such as a smart phone.  Insurers can either offer vehicle policy ID cards electronically or in a paper copy to covered drivers.
  • AB 1710 - Nursing home administrators, fees and fines.
  • AB 1712 - Minors and non-minor dependents, out-of-home placement.
  • AB 1713 - Child abuse reporting. 
  • AB 1715 - Underground storage tanks, tank case closure. 
  • AB 1718 - Real estate broker licenses. 
  • AB 1719 - Supplemental instructional materials, English language development: mathematics. 
  • AB 1720 - Service of process, private investigators.
  • AB 1723 - Postsecondary educational institutions, meetings, live video and audio transmission. 
  • AB 1724 - Voting, polling place procedures. 
  • AB 1727 - Support orders, termination. 
  • AB 1729 - Pupil rights, suspension or expulsion, alternatives and other means of correction.  Clarifies existing law to only allow suspension or expulsion of a student only after other means of correction fail to bring about proper conduct.
  • AB 1731 - Newborn screening program, critical congenital heart disease.
  • AB 1732 - Pupils, suspension or expulsion, bullying, impersonation.
  • AB 1733 - Health.
  • AB 1739 - Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Fund, Veterans' Home Allied Council, operation of facilities and activities.
  • AB 1743 - Student athletes, scholarships.
  • AB 1744 - Employee compensation, itemized statements.
  • AB 1747 - Life insurance, nonpayment premium lapse, notice.
  • AB 1748 - California Community Colleges, fair market value of leases.
  • AB 1750 - Rainwater Capture Act of 2012.
  • AB 1751 - Child support, access to information.
  • AB 1757 - Family law, adoption.
  • AB 1761 - California Health Benefit Exchange.
  • AB 1770 - California Transportation Financing Authority.
  • AB 1775 - Wage garnishment, exempt earnings.  Raises the amount of wages that are exempt from garnishment.  New law effective July 1, 2013.
  • AB 1776 - State government, Pacific leatherback sea turtle.
  • AB 1777 - Disposition of cremated remains.
  • AB 1779 - Intercity rail agreements.
  • AB 1782 - Weighmasters, exemptions.
  • AB 1783 - Public contracts, small business preferences.
  • AB 1784 - Mountain lions.
  • AB 1793 - Public health, federal funding, public health emergencies.
  • AB 1794 - Unemployment insurance, use of employer reports, reporting and payroll, enforcement.
  • AB 1797 - Mobile Home Park Purchase Fund.
  • AB 1799 - Pupil records, pupil transfers. 
  • AB 1801 - Land use, fees.
  • AB 1803 - Medi-Cal, emergency medical conditions.
  • AB 1805 - Military or overseas voters.
  • AB 1806 - Veteran interment, veterans' remains organizations.
  • AB 1807 - Family law, child custody.
  • AB 1812 - Alcoholic beverages, beer.
  • AB 1817 - Child abuse reporting.
  • AB 1821 - Security personnel, firearm qualification cards.
  • AB 1822 - California Architects Board.
  • AB 1823 - Veterans' homes, accounting for charges.
  • AB 1824 - Bail.
  • AB 1830 - Water service, mobile home parks.
  • AB 1835 - Sex offenders.
  • AB 1838 - Common interest developments, association records.
  • AB 1839 - Veterinary medicine, veterinary assistants.
  • AB 1842 - California Central Coast State Veterans Cemetery, Endowment Fund.
  • AB 1844 - Social media privacy.  Prohibits employers from demanding user names, passwords or any other information related to social media accounts from employees and job applicants. Employers are banned from discharging or disciplining employees who refuse to divulge such information under the terms of the bill.  This restriction does not apply to passwords or other information used to access employer-issued electronic devices. The new privacy law is not intended to infringe on employers' existing rights and obligations to investigate workplace misconduct.  Read California Social Media Privacy Law for more.
  • AB 1845 - Unemployment compensation benefits, overpayment assessments, termination, income tax withholding.
  • AB 1846 - Consumer operated and oriented plans.
  • AB 1847 - City of Long Beach, grant of public trust lands.
  • AB 1851 - County, city, and district initiative petitions.
  • AB 1854 - Vehicles, inflatable restraint systems.
  • AB 1855 - Employment, contractors, sufficient funds.
  • AB 1856 - Foster care services, cultural competency.
  • AB 1859 - School facilities, charter schools.
  • AB 1865 - Residential tenancies, eviction, notices.
  • AB 1867 - Health facilities, equipment standards.
  • AB 1869 - Office of Patient Advocate, federal veterans health benefits.
  • AB 1875 - Civil procedure, depositions.
  • AB 1877 - Repossession agencies, exemptions.
  • AB 1886 - Aquaculture.
  • AB 1888 - Vehicles, commercial driver's licenses, traffic violator school.
  • AB 1890 - Vehicles, toll highways, motorcycles.
  • AB 1896 - Tribal health programs, health care practitioners.
  • AB 1899 - Postsecondary education benefits, crime victims.
  • AB 1904 - Professions and vocations, military spouses, expedited licensure.  Requires boards under the Department of Consumer Affairs to expedite the licensure process for military spouses and domestic partners of military members on active duty in California.
  • AB 1907 - Inmates, psychiatric medication.
  • AB 1908 - Classified employees, notice of layoff.
  • AB 1909 - Foster children, placement, suspension and expulsion, notifications.
  • AB 1915 - Safe routes to school.
  • AB 1916 - State parks, operating agreements, Mount Diablo State Park.
  • AB 1922 - Heavy-duty vehicles, smoke emissions.
  • AB 1925 - Real property, rent control.
  • AB 1927 - Easements, maintenance, arbitration.
  • AB 1928 - Foster homes, residential capacity.
  • AB 1929 - Elections, casting ballots.
  • AB 1930 - Civil service examinations, announcement.
  • AB 1933 - Beverage containers, handling fees, enforcement.
  • AB 1938 - Mobile homes, rental agreements.
  • AB 1950 - Prohibited business practices, enforcement.
  • AB 1951 - Housing bonds.
  • AB 1953 - Rental housing, tenant notice.
  • AB 1955 - Public postsecondary education, campus law enforcement agency and student liaison.
  • AB 1956 - Juvenile offenders, tattoo removal.
  • AB 1960 - State contracts, reports.  Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender businesses.
  • AB 1961 - Coho salmon, habitat.
  • AB 1962 - Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit District.
  • AB 1964 - California Workplace Religious Freedom Law.  Outlaws employer discrimination against an employee or job applicant based on religious clothing or hairstyle.  Read Workplace Religious Freedom Law for more.
  • AB 1965 - Land use.
  • AB 1966 - Natural resources, oil and gas, drilling.
  • AB 1967 - Pupil instruction, health and science education, organ and tissue donation.
  • AB 1971 - Theft of junk, metals, and secondhand materials.
  • AB 1973 - Protected species, take, Ferguson Slide Permanent Restoration Project.
  • AB 1985 - Trusts and estates, construction of instruments.
  • AB 1986 - Redistricting.
  • AB 1987 - Pupil instruction, independent study, leadership course.
  • AB 1991 - Child care, exemption from licensure, public recreation programs.
  • AB 1998 - County surplus property.
  • AB 2005 - Oil spills, non-tank vessels, contingency plans and financial responsibility.
  • AB 2006 - Credit union services.
  • AB 2009 - Communicable disease, vaccinations.
  • AB 2010 - Reverse mortgages, counseling.
  • AB 2012 - Economic Development and International Trade.  California International Trade & Investment Law.  Designates the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development as responsible for international trade and investment activities  to drive exports and increase direct foreign investment in California.  Read California Trade & Investment Law for more.  Law effective immediately.
  • AB 2015 - Criminal procedure, telephone calls, arrested custodial parents.
  • AB 2019 - Foster care.
  • AB 2020 - Vehicles, driving under the influence, chemical tests.  States that a person arrested on suspicion of DUI will no longer be given the option of a urine test. In previous years, the choice was given between a urine test or a blood test.
  • AB 2026 - Income taxes, credits, film, extension.
  • AB 2029 - Bail Fugitive Recovery Persons Act.
  • AB 2030 - Building standards, press boxes.
  • AB 2035 - Electronic benefits transfer cards.
  • AB 2040 - Prostitution, human trafficking, expungement.
  • AB 2041 - Regulations, adoption, disability access.
  • AB 2046 - Property taxation, change in ownership, exclusion, floating homes.
  • AB 2051 - Contempt of court, domestic violence.
  • AB 2055 - Search warrants, tracking devices.
  • AB 2060 - Juveniles, educational decisions.
  • AB 2062 - Political Reform Act of 1974, statements of economic interests, electronic filing.
  • AB 2066 - Residential care facilities for the elderly, revocation of licenses.
  • AB 2068 - Vehicles, license plates, legislative and congressional members.
  • AB 2069 - Workers' compensation, peace officer benefits.
  • AB 2073 - Courts, electronic filing and service of documents.
  • AB 2078 - Sexual activity with detained persons.
  • AB 2080 - Vote by mail ballots.
  • AB 2082 - Public lands, State Lands Commission, violations.
  • AB 2084 - Blanket insurance.
  • AB 2094 - Domestic violence, probation, fee.
  • AB 2103 - Employment, wages and hours, overtime.
  • AB 2104 - Vehicles, conditions or regulations, vehicles or animals.
  • AB 2106 - Civil procedure, motion to set aside and vacate a judgment and motion for a new trial.
  • AB 2109 - Communicable disease, immunization exemption.  Forced child vaccination law.
  • AB 2111 - Vehicle registration, exemptions.
  • AB 2114 - Swimming pool safety.
  • AB 2118 - Household goods carriers.
  • AB 2122 - Standardized testing, testing accommodations.
  • AB 2125 - School district employees, merit system, appointments.
  • AB 2126 - California State University, regulations.
  • AB 2127 - Work release.
  • AB 2131 - Local government, tax collectors, continuing education.
  • AB 2133 - Veterans, priority registration.  Increases, from 4 to 15, the number of years after leaving active duty that a veteran, who is a resident of California, is eligible for priority registration for enrolling in classes at the CCC, the CSU and the UC.
  • AB 2138 - Health insurance fraud, annual fee.
  • AB 2140 - Public employees' retirement, State Bargaining Unit 5, contribution rates.
  • AB 2142 - Public employees' health benefits, premiums.
  • AB 2146 - Political Reform Act of 1974, local campaign reform, County of San Bernardino.
  • AB 2149 - Elder and dependent adult abuse, settlement, gag order.
  • AB 2150 - Mobile home parks.
  • AB 2160 - Insurance, retention risk.  Gives the Insurance Commissioner the ability to prohibit California insurance companies from counting unstable investments in the Iranian energy and military sectors as part of their capital-asset requirements.  The bill is consistent with and furthers the goals of the "Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act" signed by U.S. President Obama.
  • AB 2161 - Energy, renewable energy resources.
  • AB 2167 - Bay Area Water Supply and Conservation Agency, financial matters.
  • AB 2169 - Property Acquisition Law, conservation easements.
  • AB 2171 - Public postsecondary education, community college, expulsion hearing.  Allows California Community College districts to require student applicants to disclose any prior expulsion from another community college and allows denial of admission for specified serious or violent offenses.
  • AB 2174 - Fertilizer, reduction of use.
  • AB 2180 - Local health care districts, employment contracts.
  • AB 2181 - State government, prompt payment of claims.
  • AB 2184 - Alcoholic beverages, tied-house restrictions.
  • AB 2188 - Commercial motor vehicles, commercial driver's license program, federal compliance.
  • AB 2189 - Vehicles, driver's licenses.  Allows a car rental company to verify a renter's identity by comparing the driver's license photo to the driver renting the vehicle.
  • AB 2191 - Political Reform Act of 1974, county central committees.
  • AB 2193 - Long-term English learners.  Creates standard definitions of "long-term English learner" and "English learners at risk of becoming long-term English learners," to properly identify these students so they receive appropriate assistance.
  • AB 2194 - Corporations for prevention of cruelty to animals, humane officers, criminal history. 
  • AB 2198 - Department of Veterans Affairs, reporting requirements.  Recalibrates reporting requirements in the annual county veterans service officers’ report to ensure these programs are maximizing support to veterans. 
  • AB 2201 - Elder California Pipeline Safety Act of 1981, civil penalties. 
  • AB 2202 - Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children, State Council.  Extends the January 1, 2013 sunset to 2016 for the Superintendent of Public Instruction to reconvene a task force to review and make recommendations regarding the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children.
  • AB 2205 - Hazardous waste, ores and minerals, geothermal waste.
  • AB 2207 - Property taxation, welfare exemption, nature resources and open-space lands.
  • AB 2209 - Juveniles, dependent children, placement.
  • AB 2212 - Human trafficking, civil penalties.
  • AB 2219 - Contractors' workers' compensation insurance coverage.
  • AB 2221 - Public records.
  • AB 2222 - Criminal history records.
  • AB 2230 - Recycled water, car washes.
  • AB 2237 - Contractors, definition.
  • AB 2243 - Commercial space travel.  Limits liability for space-flight companies.
  • AB 2245 - Environmental quality.  California Environmental Quality Act, exemption, bicycle lanes.
  • AB 2246 - Public health, food access.
  • AB 2247 - Public transportation, offenses.
  • AB 2251 - Victim restitution, victim's contact information.
  • AB 2252 - Dental coverage, provider notice of changes.
  • AB 2253 - Clinical laboratory test results, electronic conveyance.
  • AB 2259 - Infrastructure financing districts, America's Cup and waterfront district venues.
  • AB 2262 - School districts, governing boards, notification, parent rights and responsibilities.
  • AB 2269 - Pupil instruction, Labor History Month.
  • AB 2270 - Sales and use tax, use tax, administration.
  • AB 2271 - Franchise Tax Board, seasonal clerks.
  • AB 2272 - Mobile homes, injunctions.
  • AB 2273 - Common interest developments, required documents.
  • AB 2274 - Vexatious litigants.  Allows courts to dismiss meritless lawsuits that were filed only for the purpose of harassment or delay. This bill also closes a loophole in which vexatious litigants could avoid closer judicial scrutiny of their meritless lawsuits.
  • AB 2278 - School districts, state administrators, evaluations.
  • AB 2279 - School districts, emergency apportionments, trustees.  Authorizes the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to remove a state-appointed trustee from a school district that received an emergency loan after three years, provided the district has adequate fiscal systems in place and the Superintendent determines the district's future compliance with its fiscal plan is probable.
  • AB 2280 - California Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants and Children.
  • AB 2284 - Irrigation.  Illegal Narcotics Growing Abatement. Allows law enforcement to pull over vehicles on forest roads with visible irrigation supplies to question the driver.  Law aims to stop irrigation of illegal marijuana grows.  Read Marijuana Grow Crackdown Law for more. 
  • AB 2292 - Juveniles, reunification orders.
  • AB 2296 - California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009.
  • AB 2297 - California Retail Food Code, skilled nursing facilities, intermediate care facilities for the developmentally disabled.
  • AB 2298 - Insurance, public safety employees, accidents.
  • AB 2301 - California Insurance Guarantee Association, definitions.
  • AB 2303 - Insurance omnibus.
  • AB 2307 - School employees, reemployment.
  • AB 2308 - Land use, housing element, regional housing need.
  • AB 2314 - Real property, blight.
  • AB 2315 - Governor's appointments, Office of Patient Advocate.
  • AB 2322 - California Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants, and Children.
  • AB 2323 - State Board of Equalization, administration, opinions.
  • AB 2326 - Execution of documents.
  • AB 2327 - Charitable organizations, enforcement. 
  • AB 2332 - Income taxes, deductions, disaster losses, County of Santa Cruz.
  • AB 2343 - Criminal history information.
  • AB 2348 - Health.  Access to birth Control.  California Birth Control Law.  Allows registered nurses statewide to start handing out drugs, including birth control, without a doctor's signature and without the patient seeing a doctor.  Read California Birth Control Law for more.
  • AB 2349 - Alcoholic beverages, tied-house restrictions, advertising.
  • AB 2354 - Travel insurance.
  • AB 2356 - Tissue donation.
  • AB 2357 - Inmates, temporary removal.
  • AB 2358 - California Ronald Reagan Statue Law.  Allows for the construction of a Ronald Reagan memorial statue at the California State Capitol in Sacramento at no cost to taxpayers.
  • AB 2363 - Commercial fishing, Dungeness crab.
  • AB 2364 - Civil procedure, attachment.
  • AB 2365 - Family law, child custody.
  • AB 2367 - School gardens, sale of produce.  Allows schools to sell produce from their school gardens as long as existing health and safety requirements are met.
  • AB 2368 - School security, security departments, school police departments. 
  • AB 2370 - Mental retardation, change of term to "intellectual disabilities."
  • AB 2371 - Veterans, criminal defendants, mental health issues and restorative relief.  Provides restorative relief to a veteran defendant who acquires a criminal record due to a mental disorder stemming from military service.
  • AB 2372 - Deposition transcripts, costs.
  • AB 2374 - Consumer credit reports, security freezes.
  • AB 2378 - Rendering, enforcement.
  • AB 2383 - Vehicles, confidential records, access by certain public officials.
  • AB 2386 - Employment and housing discrimination, sex, breastfeeding.  Expands the definition of "sex" under the Fair Employment and Housing Act to include breastfeeding.  New law says that if an employer holds it against a female because she breastfeeds or might breastfeed, it is a form of gender or sex discrimination.  
  • AB 2388 - Santa Clara County Open-Space Authority, authorization to contract.
  • AB 2393 - Family law, child support formula.
  • AB 2396 - Employment of infants, entertainment industry.
  • AB 2399 - Mental health, state hospitals, injury and illness prevention plan.
  • AB 2402 - Department of Fish and Game, Fish and Game Commission.
  • AB 2405 - Vehicles, high-occupancy toll lanes.
  • AB 2406 - Insurance, rates.
  • AB 2410 - California Elective Office Felony Conviction Law.  Permanently bans elected officials and others from running for elective office in California if they are convicted of a felony involving a violation of the public trust.  ReadElective Office Felony Conviction Law for more.
  • AB 2433 - San Francisco Bay Area Water Emergency Transportation Authority, terms of board members.
  • AB 2435 - Education finance, indirect cost rates.
  • AB 2440 - Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, contracting.
  • AB 2443 - Vessels, registration fee, Quagga and Zebra Mussel Infestation Prevention Program.
  • AB 2445 - State Capitol.
  • AB 2452 - Political Reform Act of 1974, online disclosure.
  • AB 2462 - Public postsecondary education, academic credit for prior military academic experience.  Requires the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges to determine which courses should be awarded credit for prior military academic experience using standards of the American Council on Education.
  • AB 2464 - Professional sports facilities, safety.
  • AB 2466 - Human trafficking, seizure of assets.
  • AB 2467 - Protective orders, electronic monitoring.
  • AB 2475 - Military service protections, real and personal property rights.
  • AB 2476 - Veterans affairs.  Service member obligations or liabilities, rate of interest.
  • AB 2477 - Vehicles, commercial vehicles, video event recorders.
  • AB 2478 - Student residency requirements, veterans.  Expands the current exemption given to veterans from paying non-resident tuition at California Community Colleges by one year, as specified.
  • AB 2483 - Victims of stalking, address confidentiality.
  • AB 2488 - Vehicles, buses, length limitations.
  • AB 2489 - Vehicles, license plates, obstruction or alteration.
  • AB 2490 - Veterans, correctional counselors.  Requires the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to develop policies to assist veteran inmates in pursuing veteran's benefits.
  • AB 2491 - Pupil instruction, gifted and talented pupil program, standard for pupil identification.
  • AB 2492 - The False Claims Act.
  • AB 2497 - California State University, Early Start Program.  Requires the Legislative Analyst's Office to report information measuring the effect of the California State University's Early Start Program on mathematics and English proficiency.
  • AB 2498 - Department of Transportation, Construction Manager/General Contractor project method.
  • AB 2502 - Vehicles, conditional sale contracts.
  • AB 2508 - Public contracts, public health agencies.
  • AB 2509 - Surface mining and reclamation plans, exempted activities.
  • AB 2515 - Indian gaming, local agencies.
  • AB 2516 - Independent System Operator.
  • AB 2519 - Real estate appraisers: licensing.
  • AB 2520 - Horse racing, harness or quarter horses.
  • AB 2521 - Landlord and tenant, personal property remaining on premises after termination of tenancy.
  • AB 2530 - Inmates in labor.  Under the new law, California prisons are no longer allowed to use leg irons, waist chains and handcuffs behind the body on women who are pregnant or who are in recovery following the birth of a child unless deemed necessary for the safety of the inmate, the staff or the public.  The bill also requires that shackles be removed for emergency medical treatment.
  • AB 2531 - State hospitals, prohibited items.  Allows state hospitals to develop lists of contraband items, with input from patients and employees, to minimize dangers to staff and patients. 
  • AB 2537 - Pupil discipline, suspensions and expulsions.  Clarifies that possessing an imitation firearm, over-the-counter medicine or student’s prescription medicines are not "zero tolerance" offences that automatically require expulsion.  Eliminates an existing $500 fine imposed on a principal who fail to notify law enforcement of certain crimes allegedly committed by students.
  • AB 2544 - Forestry and fire protection, land purchases and property use.
  • AB 2548 - California Veterans Board.
  • AB 2552 - Vehicles, driving under the influence, alcoholic beverage or drug.
  • AB 2554 - Contractors.
  • AB 2555 - Free or reduced-price meals, summer school session, waivers.
  • AB 2559 - Local government, pipeline projects, approval.
  • AB 2564 - Environmental quality, pipelines, project applicants.
  • AB 2567 - Sewer collection agency, schedule of fees.
  • AB 2570 - Licensees, settlement agreements.
  • AB 2572 - Los Angeles Community College District, governing board elections.
  • AB 2580 - Public contracts, job order contracting.
  • AB 2583 - Alternatively fueled vehicles, state fleet, public parking.
  • AB 2584 - Electrical corporation,  investigations.
  • AB 2608 - Medi-Cal, local educational agency billing option.
  • AB 2609 - Fish and Game Commission.
  • AB 2610 - Tenants, foreclosure and unlawful detainer.
  • AB 2612 - Courts, witness fees.
  • AB 2616 - School districts, truancy.  Provides school administrators with more discretion when determining if students are truant and in imposing consequences for truant students to focus truancy reduction efforts away from law enforcement and courts.
  • AB 2618 - Sales and use taxes, auction, vehicles.
  • AB 2620 - Tidelands and submerged lands, granted public trust lands.
  • AB 2641 - Nonprofit corporations, Internet Web site.  Creates a single website at GO-Biz with the necessary information and forms that nonprofit organizations can use to set up new organizations and comply with California's statutory and regulatory requirements, simplifying the incorporation, filing and renewal processes for California nonprofits.
  • AB 2643 - Property taxation.
  • AB 2649 - Tidelands and submerged lands, City and County of San Francisco, seawall lots.
  • AB 2654 - Mining liens, definitions.
  • AB 2657 - Electronic court reporting.
  • AB 2659 - Vehicles, driver's licenses.  Allows licensed drivers of military commercial vehicles to qualify for a California commercial driver's license without additional California driving tests.
  • AB 2660 - Vehicles, peace officer vehicles, window tinting or glazing.
  • AB 2662 - Education.
  • AB 2663 - Public Employees, Retirement and Social Security.  Teachers' Retirement Law.
  • AB 2664 - County employees' retirement, electronic signatures.
  • AB 2666 - Mortgage loan originators.
  • AB 2667 - Personal property, fraudulent transfers.
  • AB 2668 - Corporate agents, indemnification.
  • AB 2669 - Environmental quality, California Environmental Quality Act.
  • AB 2671 - Jobs, Economic Development and Economy.  Small business financial development corporations, loans and loan guarantees.
  • AB 2674 - Employment records, right to inspect.  Gives employees and former employees the right to obtain copies of their personnel records within a certain time frame, but no later than 30 days after the request.  The new law does not apply to pre-employment records like letters of reference.
  • AB 2675 - Employment contract requirements.  Provides exemptions to a 2011 law.  Requires written commission agreements such as an exemption for one-time bonuses.
  • AB 2677 - Public works, wages, employer payment contributions.
  • AB 2679 - Transportation, omnibus bill.
  • AB 2680 - Agricultural land, Williamson Act, lot line adjustments, contracts.
  • AB 2682 - Agriculture.
  • AB 2683 - Probate matters, guardianships, estates.
  • AB 2684 - Civil actions, interpreter costs, indigent.
  • AB 2685 - Attorneys, annual membership fees.
  • AB 2686 - Franchise Tax Board, Taxpayers' Rights Advocate.
  • AB 2688 - Property taxes, sales and use taxes.
  • AB 2690 - Civil law, tort claims.
  • AB 2691 - Political Reform Act of 1974, online and electronic filing.
  • AB 2692 - Electoral districts and precincts.
  • AB 2693 - Horse racing.
  • AB 2697 - Housing Omnibus Act.
  • AB 2698 - Cortese-Knox-Hertzberg Local Government Reorganization Act of 2000.
  • ABx1 19 - Budget.  Contains necessary statutory changes to achieve savings assumed in the 2011 Budget Act for the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS).
  • ABx1 26 - Budget.  Eliminates redevelopment agencies and directs the resolution of their activities.
  • ABx1 27 - Budget.  Creates an alternative voluntary redevelopment program.
  • ABx1 28 - Budget.  Clarifies the obligations under existing law for out-of-state retailers to collect and remit use tax on sales of tangible personal property to California residents.

    Senate Bills Signed Into Law
    • SB 9 - Sentencing.
    • SB 12 - Vehicles, aerodynamic devices. 
    • SB 35 - Voter registration agencies.
    • SB 71 - State agencies.  Boards, commissions and reports.
    • SB 81 - Budget.  Budget Act of 2011.
    • SB 83 - Budget.  Budget Act of 2011, Citizens Redistricting Commission.
    • SB 95 - Budget.  State cash resources.
    • SB 98 - Budget.  Nursing.
    • SB 114 - Teachers, retirement.
    • SB 118 - State Controller's Office, reimbursement for expenses.
    • SB 121 - Pupils, foster children, special education.
    • SB 122 - Healing Arts.
    • SB 124 - Claims against the state, appropriation.
    • SB 135 - Hospice facilities.
    • SB 143 - Surface mining, idle mines.
    • SB 149 - Mobile home and special occupancy parks, permit invoice, notice.
    • SB 192 - Validations.
    • SB 200 - Delta levee maintenance.
    • SB 255 - Health care coverage, breast cancer.
    • SB 289 - Clinical laboratory techniques, training and instruction.
    • SB 298 - Charter schools, at-risk pupils, Los Angeles County Board of Education.
    • SB 323 - California Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act.  Makes California law governing Limited Liability Companies more consistent with the law of other states and the Revised Uniform Limited Liability Company Act, while continuing to protect shareholder rights.
    • SB 345 - Office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman.
    • SB 379 - Telecommunications, universal service, regulation.
    • SB 415 - State highways, relinquishment.
    • SB 475 - Local agencies, open meetings, teleconferences.
    • SB 477 - School district reorganization, bonded indebtedness, Wiseburn Unified School District, Centinela Valley Union High School District.
    • SB 488 - Political Reform Act of 1974, slate mailers.
    • SB 533 - Inglewood Unified School District, emergency loan.
    • SB 535 - California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund.
    • SB 542 - Inmate Welfare Fund.
    • SB 561 - Internet crimes, data collection.
    • SB 592 - Dairy cattle supply liens.
    • SB 615 - Multiple employer welfare arrangements, benefits. 
    • SB 623 - Health.  Extends until January 1, 2014 an ongoing pilot program allowing nurse practitioners, midwives and physician assistants to perform non-surgical abortions.
    • SB 628 - Acupuncture, regulation.
    • SB 630 - Hospitals, licensure. 
    • SB 632 - Marriage and family therapists.
    • SB 659 - Immunizations, disclosure of information, tuberculosis screening.
    • SB 661 - Crime, picketing.
    • SB 691 - Unemployment insurance, use of information.
    • SB 708 - Funds transfers.
    • SB 728 - Medi-Cal, durable medical equipment reimbursement.
    • SB 730 - Claims against the state, appropriation.
    • SB 736 - County road commissioner, Merced County.
    • SB 754 - School funding, economic impact aid.
    • SB 760 - Sexually violent predators, evaluations.
    • SB 778 - Alcoholic beverages licensees, contests and sweepstakes.
    • SB 803 - California Youth Leadership Project.
    • SB 804 - Health care districts, transfers of assets.
    • SB 807 - California State Military Law.  Revises military policy regarding the California State Military (state militia), its ranks, responsibilities and provisions.  Read California State Military Law for more.
    • SB 825 - Residential tenancies, foreclosures.
    • SB 829 - Public contracts, public entities, project labor agreements.
    • SB 863 - California Workers Compensation Reform Law.  Aims to reduce workers compensation costs for businesses in California while increasing benefits to employees injured on the job.  Read California Workers Compensation Reform Law for more.
    • SB 874 - School districts, community college districts, parcel taxes, exemptions.
    • SB 875 - Real estate licensees.
    • SB 880 - Common interest developments, electric vehicle charging stations.
    • SB 900 - California Homeowner Bill of Rights.  Halts the "abusive tactics" of loan servicers and protects struggling homeowners who are trying, in good faith, to renegotiate their mortgages.
    • SB 920 - Medi-Cal, hospitals.
    • SB 921 - Military Department.  Office of the Inspector General, California Military Whistleblower Protection Act.
    • SB 923 - Retirement savings plans.
    • SB 935 - Ballast water.
    • SB 937 - Alcoholic beverages.
    • SB 951 - Health care coverage, essential health benefits.
    • SB 954 - Controller, offset payments.
    • SB 955 - Public employees' retirement, pension fund management.
    • SB 960 - California State University, campus-based mandatory fees.
    • SB 965 - State and local government.
    • SB 976 - Finance lenders, exemptions.
    • SB 978 - Securities transactions, exemption from qualification requirements.
    • SB 979 - Financial institutions.
    • SB 980 - Mortgage loans.
    • SB 987 - Public employees' retirement.
    • SB 989 - Bail, extradition.
    • SB 991 - Marriage, solemnization.
    • SB 993 - School curriculum, social sciences, Bracero program.
    • SB 996 - County Employees Retirement Law of 1937, heart trouble presumption.
    • SB 1001 - Political Reform Act of 1974, lobbyists and committees, fees.
    • SB 1003 - Local government: open meetings: cease and desist letters.
    • SB 1006 - Budget.  State government.
    • SB 1008 - Budget.  Public social services, Medi-Cal.
    • SB 1009 - Budget.  Health and human services.
    • SB 1013 - Budget.  Child welfare services, realignment.
    • SB 1014 - Budget.  Public social services, alcohol and drug programs.
    • SB 1015 - Budget.  Taxation, administration.
    • SB 1016 - Budget.  Education finance.
    • SB 1018 - Budget.  Public resources.
    • SB 1020 - Budget.  Public Safety Realignment.
    • SB 1021 - Budget.  Public safety.
    • SB 1022 - Budget.  Correctional facilities.
    • SB 1023 - Budget.  Public safety, realignment.
    • SB 1028 - Budget.  Education finance.
    • SB 1029 - Transportation infrastructure.  Modernizes regional transportation systems and links them to the state's future high-speed rail line through a $4.7 billion investment matched by $7.9 billion in federal and local dollars for statewide transportation improvements.
    • SB 1033 - Budget.  State and local government.
    • SB 1036 - Budget.  Public social services, in-home supportive services.
    • SB 1038 - Budget.  State government.
    • SB 1039 - State government, Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency.
    • SB 1041 - Budget.  Human services. 
    • SB 1045 - Metal theft, damages.
    • SB 1047 - Emergency services, seniors.
    • SB 1048 - Juveniles.
    • SB 1051 - Reports of death/injury/abuse, developmental centers and state hospitals, mandated reporters.
    • SB 1052 - Public postsecondary education, California Open Education Resources Council.
    • SB 1053 - Public postsecondary education, California Digital Open Source Library.
    • SB 1055 - Landlord and tenant, payments.
    • SB 1058 - Victims of Corporate Fraud Compensation Fund.
    • SB 1064 - Child custody, immigration.
    • SB 1065 - State claims.
    • SB 1067 - Peace officers, mutual aid. 
    • SB 1069 - Deficiency judgments.
    • SB 1070 - Career Technical Education Pathways Program.  Extends an existing technical education program at middle schools, high schools and community colleges until 2015.
    • SB 1075 - Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act.
    • SB 1076 - California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, tire inflation regulation. 
    • SB 1081 - Public health care, Medi-Cal, demonstration projects.
    • SB 1082 - Protection of victims, address confidentiality.
    • SB 1087 - Organized camps.
    • SB 1088 - Pupils, readmission.
    • SB 1090 - Local government, omnibus bill.
    • SB 1091 - Witness testimony, support persons.
    • SB 1092 - Vehicles, brokers of construction trucking services, surety bonds.
    • SB 1094 - Land use, mitigation lands, nonprofit organizations.
    • SB 1095 - Pharmacy, clinics.
    • SB 1096 - Citizens Redistricting Commission.
    • SB 1102 - State transportation improvement program.
    • SB 1103 - Cal Grant Program, annual report.
    • SB 1105 - Workers' compensation, liens.
    • SB 1107 - Automated License Data System, nonprofit conservation organizations.
    • SB 1108 - English learners, reclassification.  Requires the California Department of Education to analyze the way school districts reclassify English learners and recommend to the Legislature and state board any changes necessary to improve education in California.
    • SB 1116 - California Pollution Control Financing Authority, Capital Access Loan Program.
    • SB 1121 - Inmates, assessments.
    • SB 1128 - Energy, alternative energy financing.
    • SB 1131 - Public cemetery districts, interments.
    • SB 1133 - Human trafficking.
    • SB 1134 - Persons of unsound mind, psychotherapist duty to protect.
    • SB 1140 - Marriage.
    • SB 1144 - Crimes, public safety omnibus.
    • SB 1145 - Animal fighting.
    • SB 1148 - Fish and Game Commission, Department of Fish and Game.  Establishes a permanent mitigation bank program and strengthens the wild and heritage trout program.
    • SB 1158 - Income taxes, administration.
    • SB 1161 - Communications, Voice over Internet Protocol and Internet Protocol enabled communications service.
    • SB 1162 - Animal control, tranquilizers.
    • SB 1164 - Insurance.
    • SB 1169 - Natural community conservation planning.
    • SB 1170 - Senior insurance.
    • SB 1171 - Maintenance of the codes.
    • SB 1172 - California Gay Conversion Therapy Law. Outlaws homosexual conversion therapy, or reparative therapy, for kids and teens under 18.
    • SB 1177 - Restitution for crime victims.
    • SB 1186 - Disability access.
    • SB 1188 - Elections.
    • SB 1191 - Landlord-tenant relations, disclosure of notice of default.
    • SB 1193 - Human trafficking, public posting requirements.
    • SB 1195 - Audits of pharmacy benefits.
    • SB 1196 - Claims data disclosure.
    • SB 1197 - Income taxes, credits, film, extension.
    • SB 1198 - Department of Veterans Affairs, publicity of benefit programs for homeless veterans.  Requires CalVet to provide veterans with information about federal veteran pensions, federal housing vouchers, and CalFresh.
    • SB 1199 - Radiologic technologists.
    • SB 1200 - Academic content standards, recommended modifications.
    • SB 1201 - Los Angeles River Access Law.  Establishes state recognition of the Los Angeles River as an actual river, not simply a flood control channel, which the general public must have access to.  Requires the County of Los Angeles to provide objects that are suitable for public recreational and educational purposes on the L.A. River.
    • SB 1202 - Dental hygienists.
    • SB 1206 - Child abduction prevention.
    • SB 1210 - Collection of criminal fines and penalties.
    • SB 1215 - Optometry.
    • SB 1216 - Reinsurance, professional reinsurers.
    • SB 1217 - State hospitals, Patton State Hospital.
    • SB 1219 - Recycling, plastic bags.
    • SB 1221 - Mammals, use of dogs to pursue bears and bobcats.
    • SB 1225 - Intercity rail agreements.
    • SB 1228 - Small house skilled nursing facilities.
    • SB 1229 - Real property, rentals, animals.
    • SB 1234 - Retirement savings plans.
    • SB 1236 - Professions and vocations.
    • SB 1238 - Massage therapy.
    • SB 1241 - Land use, general plan, safety element, fire hazard impacts.
    • SB 1249 - Department of Fish and Game, lands, expenditures.
    • SB 1254 - Peace officers, deputy sheriffs.
    • SB 1255 - Employee compensation, itemized statements.
    • SB 1257 - Utility user tax, exemption, public transit vehicles.
    • SB 1264 - Child abuse reporting, mandated reporters.
    • SB 1266 - Resource conservation lands, appraisal process.
    • SB 1272 - Political party organization, county central committees.
    • SB 1274 - Healing arts, hospitals, employment.
    • SB 1275 - Vacancies in office, special elections.
    • SB 1278 - Planning and zoning, flood protection, Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley.
    • SB 1280 - Public contracts, University of California and community college districts, competitive bidding, best value.
    • SB 1281 - Criminal procedure, not guilty by reason of insanity.
    • SB 1287 - Sport fishing licenses.  Requires the Department of Fish and Game to issue a reduced fee sport fishing license to active military personnel who are recovering service members.
    • SB 1288 - Hunting licenses.  Requires the Department of Fish and Game to issue a reduced hunting fee license to military personnel who are recovering service members.
    • SB 1289 - Postsecondary education, private student loans.
    • SB 1290 - Charter schools, establishment, renewal, and revocation.
    • SB 1291 - Unemployment benefits, training, teacher credentialing.
    • SB 1292 - School employees, principals, evaluation.  Authorizes school districts to assess the performance of school principals and establishes provision to guide that evaluation process.
    • SB 1294 - Public employee health benefits: Mariposa County.
    • SB 1298 - Allows driverless cars to be operated on public roads for testing purposes if each vehicle has a fully licensed and bonded operator in the driver's seat to take control if necessary.  Instructs the DMV to adopt regulations that govern the licensing, bonding, testing and operation of autonomous vehicle technology.  Instructs the DMV to adopt the new regulations as soon as practicable but no later than January 1, 2015.
    • SB 1299 - Victims of crime, compensation.
    • SB 1301 - Prescription drugs, 90-day supply.
    • SB 1303 - Vehicles, automated traffic enforcement systems.
    • SB 1308 - Public Employment and Retirement.  State human resources functions.
    • SB 1309 - Human resources.
    • SB 1315 - Imitation firearms, regulation, County of Los Angeles.  Authorizes Los Angeles County to enact and enforce an ordinance that is stricter than state law regarding the manufacture, sale, possession or use of any BB device, toy gun, replica of a firearm or other device that is so substantially similar in coloration and overall appearance to an existing firearm as to lead a reasonable person to perceive that the device is a firearm and that expels a projectile that is no more than 16 millimeters in diameter.
    • SB 1316 - School attendance, early and middle college high schools.
    • SB 1319 - Child welfare.
    • SB 1327 - State government, business information, Internet website.
    • SB 1329 - Prescription drugs, collection and distribution program.
    • SB 1331 - County of San Diego Independent Redistricting Commission.
    • SB 1339 - Commute benefit policies.
    • SB 1341 - Corporation Tax Law, charitable corporations, exemptions, revocation.
    • SB 1342 - Counties, recording, real estate instruments.
    • SB 1349 - Social media privacy.  Prohibits public and private postsecondary educational institutions from requiring students, prospective students and student groups to disclose user names, passwords or other information about their use of social media.  The new privacy law does not affect the institution's right to investigate or punish student misconduct.
    • SB 1351 - Peace officers.
    • SB 1357 - Removal from office, grand jury accusation.
    • SB 1359 - Personal income taxes, contributions, California Breast Cancer Research Fund, California Cancer Research Fund.
    • SB 1360 - Vessels.
    • SB 1365 - Emergency medical services, immunity.
    • SB 1367 - Deer, archery season, concealed firearms.  Revises the Fish and Game Code authorizes a peace officer, whether active or honorably retired, or a person with a valid license to carry a firearm on his or her person while engaged in the taking of deer with bow and arrow, but prohibits taking or attempting to take deer with that firearm.
    • SB 1370 - Prevailing wages, public works, director, code list.
    • SB 1371 - Victim restitution, fines, default.
    • SB 1377 - Protection and advocacy agencies.
    • SB 1381 - Mental retardation, change of term to "intellectual disability."
    • SB 1382 - County employees' retirement, retiree organizations.
    • SB 1386 - Municipal water districts, water storage, groundwater.
    • SB 1387 - Metal theft.
    • SB 1388 - Parking, parking meters. prohibitions at parking locations.
    • SB 1391 - CalFresh benefits, overissuance.
    • SB 1393 - Alcoholic beverage control, licensees, returns.
    • SB 1394 - Dwelling safety, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.  Implements recommendations of the State Fire Marshal to enhance effective use of smoke alarms in residences and delaying the date by which an owner must install a carbon monoxide device in an existing hotel from January 1, 2013 to January 1, 2016.
    • SB 1395 - State Auditor.
    • SB 1402 - Economic development, California Community Colleges Economic and Workforce Development Program.
    • SB 1403 - Domestic violence, permanent restraining orders and elder abuse orders.
    • SB 1404 - School property, Civic Center Act.
    • SB 1405 - Accountancy, military service, practice privilege.  Authorizes accountants to have their licenses placed on a military inactive status while engaged in active duty in the National Guard or armed forces.
    • SB 1407 - Medical information: disclosure.
    • SB 1408 - Bar pilots, Monterey Bay and the Bays of San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun.
    • SB 1409 - The Energy Security Coordination Act of 2012.  Strengthens the clean energy partnership between California and the U.S. military.  The new law requires the Governor's Office of Planning and Research (OPR) to serve as a liaison between the State of California and the U.S. Department of Defense to coordinate and collaborate on clean energy policy. The OPR will work directly with state energy agencies, including the California Energy Commission and the California Public Utilities Commission, to ensure the U.S. military is included in the development and implementation of state energy and environmental policy.
    • SB 1410 - Independent medical review.
    • SB 1413 - Adjutant General, support programs.  Allows the Adjutant General to establish support programs, acquire facilities and solicit and accept donations for the benefit of military personnel and their families.
    • SB 1421 - Mobile homes, resident-owned mobile home parks. 
    • SB 1425 - Juveniles, dependent children. 
    • SB 1433 - Domestic violence, protective orders. 
    • SB 1436 - Automated external defibrillators. 
    • SB 1446 - Naturopathic doctors. 
    • SB 1448 - Insurance.
    • SB 1449 - Life insurance and annuities.
    • SB 1450 - Mortgage guaranty insurance.
    • SB 1456 - Community colleges, Seymour-Campbell Student Success Act of 2012.
    • SB 1458 - School accountability, Academic Performance Index, graduation rates.
    • SB 1462 - County sheriffs, release of prisoners, medical release.
    • SB 1465 - Food safety, Asian rice-based noodles.
    • SB 1466 - Peace officers, City of Los Angeles.
    • SB 1474 - Grand jury proceedings, Attorney General, powers and duties.
    • SB 1479 - Crime victims, restitution.
    • SB 1481 - Clinical laboratories, community pharmacies.
    • SB 1485 - Fuel taxes, blended fuels. 
    • SB 1489 - Courts, management and destruction of trial court exhibits.
    • SB 1492 - Voter-approved local assessment, vehicles.
    • SB 1495 - Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Reform Act of 2009. 
    • SB 1500 - Seized and abandoned animals, full costs, forfeiture.
    • SB 1501 - Open-space easements.
    • SB 1504 - Claims and judgments against the state, interest.
    • SB 1509 - School facilities, design-build contracts. 
    • SB 1510 - Contracts.  Tightens the bidder requirements for demonstrating that a small business, microbusiness or disabled veteran owned business will serve a commercially useful function in carrying out a state contract so that a bidder may claim a bid preference on competitive state contract awards.
    • SB 1513 - State Compensation Insurance Fund, investments. 
    • SB 1520 - State government, administrative efficiency.
    • SB 1521 - Child welfare services. 
    • SB 1522 - Developmental centers, reporting requirements.
    • SB 1524 - Nursing.
    • SB 1525 - Postsecondary education, Student Athlete Bill of Rights.
    • SB 1527 - Board of Behavioral Sciences, licensing.
    • SB 1529 - Medi-Cal, providers, fraud.
    • SB 1531 - Alcoholic beverages, tied-house restrictions, opera houses. 
    • SB 1532 - Business filings.  
    • SB 1538 - Health.  Requires facilities conducting mammography examinations to give special notice to patients who have dense breast that they may benefit from additional screening. 
    • SB 1539 - Postsecondary education: textbooks. 
    • SB 1540 - Education.  Requires the State Board of Education to consider adopting a revised curriculum framework and evaluation criteria for instructional materials in history-social science. 
    • SB 1541 - Timber harvesting plans. 
    • SB 1544 - Income taxes, disaster losses, Counties of Los Angeles and San Bernardino. 
    • SB 1548 - State Board of Equalization, offer in compromise. 
    • SB 1549 - Transportation projects, alternative project delivery methods. 
    • SB 1558 - Claims against the state, payment.
    • SB 1563 - Civil service examinations, veterans' preference.
    • SB 1568 - Pupils, foster children, educational placement. 
    • SB 1571 - Personal income taxes, voluntary contribution, School Supplies for Homeless Children Fund. 
    • SB 1574 - Discovery, electronically stored information.
    • SB 1575 - Business, Professions and Economic Development.  Professions and vocations.
    • SB 1576 - Business, Professions and Economic Development.  Professions and vocations. 
    • SB 1577 - Resources, public trust lands, City of Newport Beach.
    • SB 1580 - Governmental Organization.  State surplus property, armories, sales.